Special Exhibit – Newly-uncovered artifacts from the families of Chief Engravers William and Charles Barber

The Liberty Seated Collectors Club and Barber Coin Collectors’ Society are pleased to display a major exhibit at the NH Coin Expo, November 9-10. Newly-uncovered artifacts from the family of Chief Engraver William Barber (designer of the Trade Dollar and Double Dime – twenty-cent piece) will be on display. This remarkable exhibit includes:
– Presidential proclamation naming William Barber Engraver, from President Andrew Johnson and Sec. of State William Seward, 1869
– Paintings of William Barber and wife Anna Maria Barber
– Medal of William Barber by Charles E. Barber
– 3 original pencil/pen coin design sketches by William Barber
– William Barber medals: Centennial Medal, Grant 2nd Inaugural medal
– Scan of 1875 letter by William Barber about Carson City dies and breakage
– Example of 1875-CC BF-1 Double Dime (20 cents) from broken reverse die
– Memo by mint officials on death of William Barber
– Set of Trade Dollars
– Set of Double Dimes (20 cents), including one of William Barber’s patterns
– Medallic History of the United States 1776-1876, 1st Ed, J. Loubat, inscribed to William Barber, 1878
– Inside the Mint Cabinet, Elizabeth Johnston, inscribed to William Barber, 1876

Newly-uncovered artifacts from the family of Charles E. Barber will be on display. The corresponding research completely changes our views on the 6th Chief Engraver. This remarkable exhibit includes:
– Painting of Charles E. Barber
– Six new photos of Charles Barber
– Photo showing Charles Barber and George T. Morgan in 1897
– Three patterns by Charles Barber
– 1st Ed. Woodin-Adams pattern reference, inscribed to Charles Barber, 1913
– Key date Barber coins (5c, 10c, 25c, 50c)
– Barber’s commemoratives, Hawaiian coinage, and Cuban coinage
– 1905 passport of Charles Barber
– Memos from mint departments for Barber’s Europe trip, some with his handwritten notes on them
– Diary of Edith Barber of Europe trip of 1905, with key excerpts
– 39-star Flag presented to Charles Barber by President Theodore Roosevelt
– 1906 Mint Assay medal, original case, subject: Theodore Roosevelt
– Copies of Barber’s 1905 Trip Report, with results matching hand-written notes
– Letters to Charles Barber from Augustus St. Gaudens and Victor D. Brenner