Q: Do your vendors take credit cards? Checks?

A: Every vendor is different and have their own rules for payment. Most will take checks from regular customers, some are capable of processing credit cards. There is an ATM on site at all our venues.

Q: Can I get a free appraisal?

A: Yes, check with the clerk at the admission desk or sign in area or ask a security guard to point out a staff member. Appraisals are only a quick estimate of value. If you need something in writing many of our vendors will do appraisals for a fee in their office or store.

Q: What is “Early Bird” admission?

A: For a fee, you can get into the show early with the dealers. Some people think the best deals in the show are before the show opens to the public. “Early Bird” fees are charged at all our shows.

Q: Is there a list of vendors that will be at the show?

A: No.  Only at our multiple day events (NE Stamp Expo, NH Coin Expo)

Q: Can I return a coin after I’ve paid for it?

A: Each vendor is different, generally the answer is “No”, but some vendors will take it back and give you a credit on another coin.

Q: I bought a coin, showed it to a friend and they said it is counterfeit, now what?

A: See a staff member to discuss. The sale or purchase of counterfeit coins is illegal and not allowed at our shows.

Q: I just bumped into my friend at the show and he wants to sell me some coins, is that ok?

A: No. Not at all. You can only buy from vendors at the show with tables. If you wish to do business with someone else you must go in the parking lot.

Our dealers can not buy and please do not bring to the show:

  • Counterfeits not marked “COPY”
  • Jewelry (Scrap or otherwise)
  • Dental Gold
  • Sterling Flatware
  • All bullion must be government issued or, marked with the weight and purity.
  • Anything not related to Coins, Currency and Stamps (Video Games, Hummels, Beanie Babies, etc).

We prosecute all shoplifters, regardless of the value.